Beware, These are the Very Best Sleeper Cars!

There is one thing we learnt from the “Hare and the Tortoise” when we were young – Never underestimate someone by his/her looks! We have prepared a few videos for you today, where we`ll revive that same story while including cars instead of animals. We have three videos for you that show these so called “sleepers”, or may we say best sleeper cars in action!

Just so you know, a `sleeper` is referring to something that appears to be an ordinary looking stock commuter car that is anything but stock underneath the hood. Therefore, we present to you the tiny little Trabant that turned out to be BIGGER than a Nissan GTR R35 with 580 horsepower and a Mercedes C63 AMG T!!! You have two separate videos for both races! In the first one you`ll be fascinated as you see the Trabant `tortoise` beat the Nissan `hare` on a ¼ mile race!!! Moreover, the same will be repeated with the Mercedes C63 AMG T while everyone remain jaw dropped! However, take a break of all the races, and click on the third video to see the TOP 9 best SLEEPER Cars in a single footage! Check them out and give us your own opinion!

To watch the second video, click here.

To watch the third video, click here.

Anyway, do you find this Honda to be the ultimate sleeper?