1200hp Nissan GTR Tuning 35RX Bensopra! Must See!

All right guys! Having in mind that this is special presentation of awesome Nissan GTR Tuning car for the members of the GTROC at Japan Tour 2012, we need special preparations as well! The TRUST company invited GTROC to the TRUST facility for the first hand look of the GTR 35RX Bensopra. You know what is required from you, right? Increase the volume please! We suggest you this, in order to have the same reaction as the man recording the video has! The second suggestion would be to play this video in full screen mode to have a better view on the lovely red Bensopra body kit. This footage is long enough to show us what we need to see, however as an insatiable gearheads we always want to see more! We`d love to see how this vehicle is going to perform with those 1250 HP at the track!

Hesitate no more! Check this incredible 1200hp Nissan GTR Tuning 35RX Bensopra!

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Enjoy the video below!

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