Chevrolet Corvette 1969 – Don’t Judge a Book by Its Covers!

You all know the good old saying -- Never judge a book by its covers! We often forget this and continue making quick judgments based on nothing but the plain appearance. The same goes for Karen Viray, who probably appears as the classic “has-it-all” girl from New Jersey. But Viray kept a secret, a secret known only by her family that supported her in every way possible that seemed right, of course. Growing up with three brothers, she came out a true “tomboy”, whose interests were based on digging inside a box full of wrenches and ratchets. Few years later, Viray found a copy of some `78 Hot Rod magazine, where she read the most interesting things about the Chevrolet Corvette 1969 in ownership of Shipman Merv. Viray then decided to build her very own 1969 Corvette, , inspired by Merv`s one.


First of all, Viray`s task was to find a good 1969 chassis upon which she was supposed to create her ideal car. So, she went at Carlise`s to check if there are any good-shape C3s, if possible.

As we mentioned before, Viray`s goal was to create a Zinger Corvette inspired by the beautiful model similar to the ones built in the early 70`s. A fantastic plan has been made and the guys went into action!Viray`s dream was soon to become reality!

The Chevrolet Corvette 1969 was disassembled, as its components were stored away for future use.The body itself required some additional work, so what Viraydid, was adding a new color on the outer panels. What she imagined for her car was that the color on the hood was going to flow through the body like an endless river when driving at daylight. She figured that the Tangerine Kandy is the most suitable one.

Viray decided that she wanted a three-tier piece for her car -- custom made, based on a big block classic with tiers and risers added upon. Regarding the fact that the C3 models are a little bit offset by about two-inches at the passenger seat in order to clear the steering box, this attempt turned out to be a little too much to be handled. A tapered lip that has the job of smoothing out the transmission to the velocity stacks is also included in the overall work as a part of the whole Chevrolet Corvette 1969 creating process!

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