R32, R33 & R34 Brutal Backfire, Drifting and Aggressive Exhaust Sounds!

Even if it is not one of your most favorite vehicles, or if you are one of the many hardcore fans of our fast and powerful Detroit muscles, still, it is literally impossible not to respect the exhaust sounds, mechanical excellence and engineering of the legendary Japanese rocket-sleds, the Nissan Skylines.

Starting from the GTR R32 model (the first legally imported Skyline in the US), all the way to the Skyline GTR R34, that also had its contribution to the legendary Hollywood blockbuster “Fast and Furious“, the Nissan Skylines has proved themselves as one of the best and the fastest cars in the world, and earned the respect of every Gearhead who knows at least a thing or two about the overall quality of fast and powerful sports car.

Thus, today we have decided to show you a video compilation with the legendary Skylines, the R32, the R33, and the R34, on different locations, having fun by shooting flames, demonstrating its accelerating abilities, drifting and shredding tires on a parking lot, and of course, `playing` their unique and appealing exhaust sounds!

It is a video clip which should be a real joy and pleasure for all Nissan Skyline aficionados. So go ahead and watch it, and fill yourself with the needed adrenaline rush dose that will get you going for quite a while. And if you want more Nissan Skyline music, go to this link and continue with the party!