Nissan GTR R32 VS R34! Old Vs Young! Place Your BETS!

Nothing better than racing on a sunny day. Perfect conditions for us to enjoy and to see which car is going to win. This is not just an ordinary R32 vs R34 race, but a Japanese superstars drag race! This drag race is not like the others. You have the chance to see two siblingsĀ racing against each other. The older one, Nissan R32, versus the younger, Nissan R34. You may probably guess which one is going to win the race, but if you want to make sure that you are not wrong, you ought to watch this video till its end.

Roaring engines all the time, burning tires, smoke everywhere. You can feel the anticipation eagerly growing, while waiting for the start signal. There is no need to explain that the adrenaline is present everywhere. Many people would say: long preparations for just a few seconds of excitement. But they do not know what are talking about! This video is the proof that they are not right. These few seconds make the video so cool because after the start signal one of the two opponents literally beats the other. Which one from the R32 vs R34? You are about to see.

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