This Japanese Car Show Has Only The Best Units There!

Those of you who are following automotive industry in Japan, probably already know that some of the biggest and best car shows and expos are held in the city of Nagoya. Japan`s car tuning expertise are now known all over the worlds and therefore many people are going on this type of events to get acquainted with the latest developed technologies, customization and vehicle parts. On the video that you are about to see bellow, The Nagoya Japanese Car Show is exciting now for seven years and one of the things that everyone find it different from the very first moment, is the absence of show girls.

So it is clear that the main idea is to focus entirely on the tuned cars and everything else attached with it, and be distracted with the pretty girls. It is some kind of an opposition to the Tokyo Car show where you can see beautiful girls even more than there are cars and because it is so expensive, many small shops can not afford to be present there. Thus Nagoya is offering all that and even more. See the video and get a closer picture of this event, which is one of the most important of this kind in the world.

Anyway, wonder where else on Earth are there cool car shows?

Enjoy the video below!

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