MASSIVE BARN FIND! 60 VERY RARE Classic Cars Discovered After 50 Years in FRANCE!

Something like this definitely doesn`t happen every day! How often do you hear about a massive barn find, where incredibly rare cars have been found? For a gearhead, this is the ultimate dream! One of the French auction houses has revealed a great discovery of unrestored and original examples of some very rare classic cars in some barn in Western France. More than 60 classic cars, from Corvettes to Ferraris Aston Martins were at this goldmine barn called “King Tut of barn finds” for decades. The French auction house claims these cars belonged to Roger Baillon, the shipping magnate who started collecting rare vehicles in the `50s in order to build his own museum. Unfortunately, his business collapsed in the 70s, he has sold the half of his collection and the rest were left parked in his barn.

The most famous cars from this collection are: the Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spyder from 1961 that once owned by the actor Alain Delon (only 37 were built), the Maserati A 6G Gran Sports (one of only 3 ever made) and some extemelly rare examples like Hispano SuizaTalbot Lago and Bugatti. To put it simply, this discovery is one of the best things ever! Preserving car history is an important thing for any car enthusiast, and this barn find is like a goldmine for car history! The video of the discovery shows us most of the cars found, and it feels like going back in time! Even though most of the very rare classic cars are rusty, they are very valuable! With a little bit of work, we are certain most of these beauties will be able to get back on the road once again! Furthermore, restoring any of these rare cars will raise their prices! This is why we are certain that people will be lining up to purchase these classic cars, and restore them to their former glory!

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