20th Annual World Power Wheel Stand Championship!

Here is something that will raise the temperature in the room for all those who are getting an ultimate rush watching all those great muscle cars expressing their power by doing extra-long wheelies, and being driven by some of the best drivers in this field. It is a half an hour video with some of the most spectacular moments, and of course, the main role is for this year`s winner, A.J.Fiorelli and his mind-blowing wheel stand performance at Byron Dragway…

It really does not matter whether you are a passionate wheel stand fan or a drag racing aficionado, this is something that is awesome for everyone! When you see all those cars, doing the impossible, only a hater can say a bad word about it.

And those of you who are closely following wheelie events, probably remember well that A.J.Fiorelli is one of those extra-talented drivers, who had his fair share of misfortune in the past few years at Byron Dragway`s Wheel Standing Championship. But this time, things have changed. Before this year, his personal record at Byron`s was 450 feet, but the man totally outdone himself and had passes of 515 and 838 feet! And the winner was even more incredible with 1 141 foot pass with his 1968 Barracuda, completely obscuring the previous record of 660 feet. How about that?!

In the following video you will also see many other great performances, like the one of the last year`s champion Brian Ambrosini, doing a 570 foot wheel-stand with his 1974 AMC Gremlin, and many more. So check it out and enjoy it!