50 Year Anniversary Of 1964 Winternationals Drag Racing!

This week the Winternationals that take place at Pomona have quite a reason to celebrate. Namely, they celebrate the 50 years anniversary since the last 1964 Winternationals that forever transformed history altogether with the drag racing mark on various battlefields.

Not so long ago we talked about invasion of factory made hot rods and the fuel ban and that later went into Funny Cars and Super Stock which ushered into racing Pro Stock. Nevertheless, `64 was the year that made history change forever, especially for the 1964 Winternationals at Pomona. Cook Doug topped the charts at 142.85 with just 10.03, and this assisted in improving the match drag race records of the two Gassers all over the state during the course of the next couple of years. This event also helped in popularizing the A/Gas supercharged Willys since the Winters had national coverage.

HOT ROD Magazine also covered the event though they had the opinion that the cars were running terribly close and that the Willys of Mazmanian lost the race by something less than .05 from a second. The Gassers proved themselves the pet of the spectators and of the competitors as well. As the decade was coming to an end, the Gassers slowly but surely turn into something very similar to Funny Cars and very few of them were riding on fuel, such as the Fuel Altereds. Shortly after, the class chucked up the sponge. One of the reasons why we still have Nostalgia Drag Racing is because of that Gasser`s popularity. We strongly recommend you to stop being a couch potato and go see a race or make one of your own.


Check out this insane race! Small, but they are still very muscular.Click on this link!

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