Spectacular DANCING EXCAVATOR Left The Crowd Speechless!

Foton Lovol is one of the best companies for tractors and construction vehicles that facilitate the overall work of the ordinary builder. However, sometimes having fun is the priority of the day and that means it is time for a show for everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, please greet another master of extraordinary tricks done on a FRONT END LOADER dancing excavator that will surely make your next minute full of amusement, disbelief and astonishment. Wheelies, jumps and even dancing… this guy is doing literally everything with his construction vehicle and that is enough for the crowd to gather around him, watching his one of a kind performance.

At first, I honestly thought that everything is just a good animation, but afterwards assurance comes into sight, as the crowd starts clapping to the marvelous dancing excavator. I still do not know if it is a special choreography for a song or just a spectacular dance, but whatever it is, this is a must see performance that will blow your mind. It is something like the Gangham Style dance, done in our world of vehicles.

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