Battleground DRAG STRIP! Ferrari LaFerrari VS Nissan GTR!

Here we go with something really special for all those drag race enthusiasts who are always keen to watch a drag battle between an ultimate opponents that are giving us the proper dose of adrenaline rush. And if you ask me, it does not get much better than this, as you are about to watch a drag strip face-off between two extraordinary representatives of the European and Japanese sports car manufacturing. The European supercars are represented by the awesome Ferrari LaFerrari model, and the Japanese top engineering is coming in the name of the legendary drag strip terminator, the Nissan GTR R35! So, welcome to the Ferrari LaFerrari vs Nissan GTR race!

Ferrari LaFerrari is a typical exotic luxury sports car that cannot leave anyone indifferent, including the most hardcore Lamborghini fans. It is a hybrid that is combining the power of its V12 motor that is generating 789 HP, and it is also boosting additional 161 HP from its electric engine. Along with its absolutely superb military jet look, it is one of those hypercars that everyone should drive once in a lifetime.

And when it comes to the legendary Japanese king of the streets, the one and only Nissan GTR R35, there is nothing much we can tell you that you do not already know. Powered by its Twin Turbo inline-six motor that is boosting 565 HP, and with a four-wheel drive, it is one of the fastest sports cars ever made. Rare are the ones that have won a drag battle with these beasts.

So check out the video and find out how this ultimate Ferrari LaFerrari vs Nissan GTR face-off has ended. And if you want to find out more about that awesome LaFerrari model, go to this link.