Remake Of A Flat Six Engine Results In This Great Mini Engine! Excellent Craftsmanship!

What you are about to watch in this video is the result of about 4 months of work! The star of the video we have for you today is a mini engine, which is a remake of a flat six engine! We must say that this miniature 6 cylinder boxer engine looks amazing! The craftsmanship of its creator is excellent. This little engine has a narrowed crankcase, and because of this has an increased compression ratio.

Furthermore, the crankcase is enclosed making sure oil doesn`t go all over the place! The intake and exhaust manifolds were also redesigned and the cams from the inside of the engine were removed and placed on the top of the engine. This was done so that this mini engine can look more appealing! Another part that was also redesigned was the fuel tank. The maker of this motor took care of every detail!

After giving us precise information on what he has changed, the guy who made this mini engine decides to start it up! Sure enough, this little guy works flawlessly! Just listening to this miniature 6 cylinder boxer engine is enough to convince you that it runs very smoothly! This is an excellent handmade machine, and the very least we could do is show it to you guys! Although it is made for demonstration, this mini engine could have a work life.

The places where we would put this little guy are quite numerous! Due to its size, it is probably not suited for a car. It can be used as a power generator for a go kart probably, a bike or possibly even a small boat! Do you have any ideas where you would use a mini engine like this one? Watch the video below and let us know! Enjoy!

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