People use their leisure time in various ways depending on their interests. But when it comes to Gearheads, it all must be revolving around vehicles and their parts. The video below is going to show you on what has one Gearhead spent his spare time. You have probably read some of our stories about different types of small engines. We find them awesome! As a matter of fact, we have one similar video on today`s menu. Yes, it features a tiny engine, but the thing is that this motor is not made of metal! Au contraire, it is a complete paper engine! But don`t worry, it is not running on gas, otherwise this engine would have been gone by the end of the video.

Nevertheless, this idea as well as the manufacturing deserve applause! At the beginning, this small engine doesn`t look like anything impressive. First, the man shows how the engine pistons operate as well as how are they linked. Next he inflates a balloon, which acts as a power source and connects it with the paper engine. This is where the magic starts! The engine starts working! Brilliant paper engine!

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