What Is A Gearhead Doing In His Spare Time? Find out here!

Here`s some food for thought. You have probably wondered what others Gearheads do in their free time. Some probably spend some time in the garage, customizing the vehicle(s), other take their cars for a ride etc. Well, without further ado, let`s find out what else is on the list. The video below presents one possibly bored Gearhead that will most likely cause a grin on your face. It is a video of what he does in his spare time.

Take a look at speed from another point of view. You might think this is a suicide mission, judging by the acceleration but it is just a minor dose of adrenalin. Anyway, what all the fuss about? You about to see two handmade panel gauges and hear the “sound” of one very fast accelerating vehicle. However, if a vehicle took off that fast in first gear in real life, there would be not paint left on the car at all! Furthermore, you will notice some more “irregularities” of this vehicle`s test drive. It over revs the engine with every gear shift! But that`s what makes it more exciting! Finally, the most interesting part comes at the end of this spare time footage. It made us to roll on the floor laughing!

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