R34 NISMO Is One of The Fastest Skyline Variants Ever!

Hello my dear Skyline GTR aficionados! Here we go with a video clip with one of the most legendary models of the famous Japanese rocket-sleds, the car which probably was the first one that spread the word all around the world on such a high level, about the power and speed of these superb sports cars, the fastest Skyline GTR R34 Nismo. And even though we had already shown you many videos with it, when it comes to this mechanical excellence, which is a wet dream to so many GTR enthusiasts all over the world, we feel that it is never enough.

But I have to tell you right from the start that even though the video is pretty cool, featuring one great example of the Skyline GTR R34 Nismo, it is actually Russian video presentation about it, so do not expect to understand much of its verbal content. Therefore, we will make a quick introduction of the fastest Skyline GTR R34, something that you probably know well already, but anyway, it does not hurt to say it again.

The GTR R34 is considered to have one of the most technically sophisticated and perfected all-wheel drive systems ever, with a great steer chassis, able to stick on all kinds of twisty roads. It is powered by a 2.6 liter, or 2.8 liter In-line 6 cylinder engine, and it is a real blast! The Nismo variant is considered to be the fastest and most perfect version in the entire Skyline lineup.

Now check out this video clip, and never mind about the words, just enjoy the power and speed of this awesome car. And if you want to see another great tuned Skyline GTR R34 example, go to this link.