Drifting Snow Compilations With Nissan Skylines, BMWs & Toyotas!

Most of the times when we have video clips from Russia, we are used to watching some totally crazy stuff, irresponsible drivers, car accidents, or weird things that appear from time to time on Russian highways. But every now and then, we get to see something a little bit different, whether it is some cool new vehicle or a bike, or like in this case, a drifting snow compilation, on the streets and sideways covered with snow.

It is sort of a 2015 Happy New Year `video card`, made by the Russian sports car enthusiasts and street drifters. Lots of fun with some cool rides, mostly recorded by the dashboard cameras, in one of the biggest of the Siberian cities, Irkutsk, where cars like BMW, Toyota are having fun in the snow. We cannot tell you for sure what are the other cars that these young Russians are using, except for one really cool looking Nissan Skyline GTR R34. Other than that, nothing is for sure.

So check out the drifting snow compilation, and if you are also living in the northern areas covered with snow, show us something similar, but on the good old American way. Until then, have fun with the Russians drifters.

If you want to see more videos of Russians drifting in the snow, go to this link.