UFO Spotted on Public Road!? NO IT’S JUST RUSSIA!

I think that we all know by now that whatever thing comes from Mother Russia, it should not be surprising that it would be a mind-blower of some kind, something very unique and original. Whether it is the way the Russians drive, or some totally insane traffic accident, the `skills` of the ordinary Russians when they are drift-driving in their spare time, or perhaps some new invention, some vehicle or a bike that you cannot see it at any other place in the world, except the one and only Russia. One thing is guaranteed – there is not a chance in the world that it could be boring! This UFO spotted is a complete proof!

For today`s Christmas article we have prepared you something really special, a video with one totally out-of-this-world vehicle, called Yudo (probably for the purposes of this clip), that was spotted by the well known dashboard cameras the Russians are using, somewhere on the road between the towns of Samara and Orenburg.

Even though we do know a thing or two about Russian vehicles, we really cannot tell what brand and model is this, whether it is made out of Lada Niva, or perhaps Lada Samara, in fact, it really does not matter. The UFO spotted  appearance on the road is nothing less but a spectacular. To tell you the truth, taken to an account every insane thing that we have seen coming from Russia, it would not be a total surprise if the next time we see it drag racing or doing some other challenge.