BigFoot ATV – Another Crazy Russian Vehicle Crossing Rivers!

By now, we have all become used on watching all kinds of unusual and a little bit of weird looking, but very interesting invention vehicles that are coming from Russia, and the one that we have prepared for you today, is also coming from that category. Its name is Bigfoot ATV, due to its enormous wheels and blue tires that also gives it an ability to be able to ride on water, as well overcoming almost every obstacle that gets on its way – it is one of those all terrain vehicles that you can use on going out on an outdoor adventure, or just to cause a local attraction.

As you are about to see it in the video, the guy is using it just to have fun in the local park and probably make some heads turn.

Driving it on the dirt track, than straight into the pond and out of it, it really can make an impression. Unfortunately there is no info about the Bigfoot ATV motor and other specs on how it was designed and constructed, but nevertheless, I think that you will enjoy this one. So watch the video of Big Foot doing its thing.

Anyway, read something more about the automotive industry in Russia!

Enjoy the video below!

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