One of The CRAZIEST RUSSIA 2014 VIDEO Compilation!

If you have (and I`m sure you did) watched some of the crazy video clip compilations that are coming out of Russia, with everyday Russians, doing their `normal activities`, you know that the following fifteen minute Russia 2014 video that we have prepared for you in today`s post, is one of those that will really make you laugh and give you a good spare time. Of course, many of these totally insane situations are involving vehicles, and we all know by now what a skillful drivers Russians are.

I do not know what do they put over there in the water in Russia, but there is got to be something, otherwise we would not have such a many totally out of the line videos on which one finds himself crying his eyes out from laughing. And this one is most definitely from that category, one of the very best I have ever seen.

Besides the above mentioned cars, you will see how Russians are dealing with animals, Russian version of base jumping and all sorts of other insane things that will bring tears to your eyes. So thumbs up, but be patient and watch the entire Russia 2014 video, it will make your time worth, believe me! DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME & DRIVE SAFELY!

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