Stingray vs Camaro ZL1 vs M6 vs F-Type R at Drag times Info!

Higher the stakes -- the more thrill and excitement we get from a drag race. And is there something more tense, more hyper than having such a monsters and racing legends, such are the following contestants that are about to face each other at this (now) familiar Russian drag strip, Drag Times info. What we have here are four typical representatives of three different and famous car manufacturers. The pride of the American race cars will be presented with two classic American muscle cars from Chevrolet, the famous Corvette Stingray C7 with an engine that can generate 466 HP, and the notorious Chevy Camaro, with ZL1 engine under the hood that produces 580 HP.

On the other side, Chevy`s opponents are coming in the names of the Bavarian pride and joy, BMW series M6, with an engine that can produce 560 HP and the British everlasting style and precision, the Jaguar F-Type R, with a monster that generates 550 HP. Which one of these babes do you think will take the crown at this 1 mile drag challenge? If you asked me before watching the race, I would say that the `Vette should be a supreme leader in that company, but than again, you can never know for sure, right? Check it out!

Finally, visit the official Russian page Drag Times Info!

Enjoy the video below!

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