Russian ALL TERRAIN Vehicle! This Thing Can Go EVERYWHERE!

We know that the cold war is over, so we are probably allowed to post Russian military vehicles now! Just kidding, of course. You all know that the Russians had pretty advanced technology back than. We were the first ones to get on the Moon, but they could beat us in many things back then! This Russian All Terrain vehicle is a pure example of that!

Another short video of demonstration of the strength, power and endurance of the Russian machines, only this time the focus is on the old military vehicles.

Or to be more specific, what we have here is one of those `mutant` military land or amphibious vehicles, built and constructed to cope and handle in extreme outdoor conditions like snow and ice, terrains full with mud and all sorts of swamps, marshes etcetera. That`s the Russian All Terrain Vehicle!

One of the main characteristics about the Russian All Terrain vehicle is that they are getting in motion thanks to a rotation of one or more auger-like cylinders. These are fitted with a spiral margin that is engaging over or through the medium one, which sets the vehicle in motion. Naturally, all of these tuff machines have all wheel drive, with a drivetrain that gives the torque power from the engine simultaneously on all four wheels.

Of course, there is a lot to be said about these incredibly tuff and powerful Russian made machines, but since this is not a review about it, but just a short video that should be an inspiration to find out more about these vehicles, in case you got interested.

However, enjoy this short video, a segment from a documentary on the subject and be entertained. What do you think?

Finally, if you want to see a magnificent Russian Off-Road Work truck, follow this link!