Drifting With A Mean RETRO TRUCK in Mother RUSSIA!

Whenever someone mentions drifting, we always think of a performance by the super fast Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, Ford Mustang, BMW M3 etc. However this time our horizons will expand, as the main star of one icy drifting is one huge retro truck, which primary job is excrement suction.

Although fans say that everybody can drift in a snow, we cannot praise this driver enough, as he has the courage to have fun with this enormous vehicle on very unfavorable conditions. Given the fact that this video was taped in Russia, you should not be surprised of what the driver is capable of.

Even though we are still impressed by the insane skills shown in the video, we must set apart one of the best moments that stands out. That is, believe it or not, one traffic sign that in the second half of the video will continue to stand still, after it has been hit by the retro truck.

That is how things are built in Russia – no one can take them down. But in this video you will also see how drifting is done in Russia, because no one else can do something similar!

Finally, check out some cool retro truck images!

Enjoy the video below!

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