Thanks to the fast technological development we are able to perform and see things we were not in position to do several years ago. And this activity doesn`t have a stopping tendency. As a matter of fact, with the appearance of the slow motion cameras we can observe processes that are invisible to our eyes, if conducted at regular speed. There are numerous experiments all over the internet, but we are going to show you one tire wrinkle recording typical to our field of expertize.

Have you ever wondered what is happening to the tires when the drivers push the pedal to the metal? They are spinning so fast, and thus there is no way to notice the details. Therefore, we present you a video that is going to solve that mystery! In the recording below, you can see what is actually happening to the tire at the beginning of a drag race. The tire wrinkle is giving you the impression like it is made of cotton! Imagine the amount of power that goes to the tire that makes it act that way!

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