Check Out The P2 Hoverbike! The 1st DRONE That Can Transport US!

It is fascinating how far technology has gone for, if we might say, a short period of time! Only a decade or two ago, people didn`t even know what cell phones are, and look where are we now! Without giving you the granny talk, let`s proceed! We would like to present to you one of the most advanced technologies in human history – the P2 Hoverbike! This is something between the simplicity of a motorbike, but with the whole freedom a helicopter has! So, in other words, it`s a FLYING MOTORCYCLE!

This is no joke, because it`s a whole new way to FLY! However, it has its` goal. It is not trying to replace planes or anything, it`s trying to replace conventional helicopters, such as the R22 Robinson which is mostly used for cattle mustering, survey and so on! This Hoverbike is capable of carrying a person heavy up to 220 pounds! However, the video today is a test video, so a drone is used due to safety reasons! Another great thing about it is its` simplicity! This new vehicle is consisted of small number of parts, so it would be easy to fix in case of defectiveness!

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