MYSTERY REVEALED! See How Bikers Are Learning STUNTS With The Custom Built STOPPIE Bike! Would You TRY?

Watching pro motorcycle riders doing amazing stunts makes us ordinary human beings wonder how do they do that! What`s the secret and how they train? After all this time, we are about to erase those question marks above your head! The video you are about to see will make it all clear! The stoppie bike will show you how to do stunts properly!

You might thing that in order to be able to perform bike stunts you must be a pro since the beginning. Training vigorously from day to night. Falling millions of times and getting hurt constantly in order to get to that desired skill form. Yeah, the level of persistence this stunt artists has is immense. However, with this video you are going to find out that performing a stunt doesn’t necessarily has to be rocket science! All this is made real because of a custom built stoppie bike! In other words, the recording presented in the next video is a stoppie tutorial!

Recorded in England, in a special stunt school called Stunt Asylum, bike owners and enthusiasts learn how to lift the rear wheel of the custom made stoppie bike safely and accurately! This custom made stoppie bike has a custom built metal framework around it, helping the candidates to perform the perfect stoppie! Additionally, the stoppie bike is normal like any else, but thanks to the adjustable limits of the framework the student can easily learn to perform the ultimate stoppie and roll the bike further with no chances of flipping! The wheels of this stoppie bike are anti-tuck which efficiently stops crashes by locking up the font wheel. Isn`t this the safest way to learn a stoppie or what? Anyways, do no try this on your own, unless you have such framework.

At last, if you`re into motorcycles and stunts, follow this link to learn the basic tips.