Which type of motorcycles are the best? There are plenty of beautiful production motorbikes but this time we are going for the custom built ones! You are probably wondering why? Because each custom bike is a story for itself, presents an incarnation of somebody`s idea, and when you finish building it it`s like a new dawn, a start of a new life. These are some of the reasons, of course their number can be infinite. If you have some other reason, we`d be more than glad to hear it from you. So, why an introduction like this? Because there is one very special bike in the video below waiting for you! We are talking about a BIG custom built motorcycle that has a MASSIVE LAMBORGHINI V12 engine!

You have the chance to pay a closer look at the machine itself. We hope you already know what to expect from it, so get your sound devices ready! This bike has the sound like very few motorbikes have thanks to its Lamborghini V12 engine! The video is relatively short but it will definitely create goosebumps. In fact, you are going to like that feeling and you will for sure replay this video!

Plus, follow this link to see the bike with two powerful Ducati engines! Amazing power!