BOSS HOSS CONCEPT Supercharged Bike! It Will Blow Your MIND!

When we were kids, we all dreamed of cool motor bikes that would spit fire through the tailpipe! The ideal picture would be you, hitting the high way on your bike as you leave nothing but smoke behind you! Well, that dream might come true. The guys from Boss Hoss Concept created a supercharged bike that breaths fire!!! All of it was hand built except for the original frame. The secret is that it has a pro charged 430ci small block which is able to crank out 1000 horsepower or even more! This insane custom bike with a V8 engine is something that became very wanted in a short period of time.

We do not know how it`s going to work on the streets or in reality. It sure is `The King` in a dyno video like this one but do you really want to spit fire while you are stuck in traffic or while you go to work? In fact, we already stated that this was our dream as kids. Anyway, check out the video since it is really a great invention by Boss Hoss Concept and assess this supercharged bike yourself!

And if you want to see what does a two-engine bike look like, follow this link!