Smooth, Custom Made Harley Bagger for Cool Guys! (Full HD)

Rare are the guys who does not get turned on when they se a custom made Harley Davidson which gives you an impression that riding it would feel like being on a vacation. Well, I`m not one of them and when I saw the video of this Baddest 26″ Harley Bagger, I have suddenly forgot all my problems and felt like being on my summer holiday.

Nice and smooth, with a great choice of the white hue that inspire a positive thoughts and emotions, just as you should feel before humping it and hit the road.

Most of this great looking Harley was made by hand and was  installed manually. It has a new rake kit that allows a usage of much bigger front wheel, which in this case is 26″. And it is needless to say that aside the practical benefit, it also adds to the bikes cool and sexy look.

One of the things i love about bikes so much is the simplicity which slowly converts into mechanical perfection that gives a special feeling to your life. The Harley Bagger bike that you are about to see in this video, has all those qualities and that is why a really like it.

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Enjoy the video below!

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