Dirty Bird Concepts First Girl to Ride a 30 Bagger! BADDEST BAGGER EVER?!

Ok, be honest – you had to look up what a `30 bagger` is supposed to be in the motorcycle industry – it`s apparently a slang term for a new design trend where custom bikes are being equipped with 30 inch floating front wheels. Honestly – they kind of remind us of the old-school Penny Farthing bicycles – big front wheel, little back wheel, and no sense at all in their design.

They apparently ride very smoothly even at higher speeds, but do require much more steering control once you start getting up above 60 or 70 miles per hour. The saddle sits pretty low, but the bike can be `pumped up` which adjust the saddle height as needed to make it feel like a custom ride for each rider. There is a limit though, so if you are extremely short, or could be classified as a giant, it might not be adjustable enough for you.

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