OCC Project From Sketch To FINISH – The “Bad Guys” CHOPPER!

Long time – no see! The boys from OCC Choppers are back and they have a new interesting OCC project for us, as they always have. This video is a recapitulation building of the “Bad Guys” motorbike they recently finished. At the beginning of the video we have a short introduction of the exterior and interior of the OCC shop and then we go straight to business. First things first, it starts with the initial sketch that is later transferred into a computer program to create the final design. Meanwhile the bike`s chassis is being set up and the wheels are being mounted as well as the engine in order to be sure that everything fits.

Next up in this OCC project is the design of the mudguards and also the bike`s rims custom and personally made in the OCC shop. After this section, the application of paint is next. Then in a blink of an eye in just a few seconds the motorbike is assembled and ready to hit the road. And of course, the first ride always belongs to the head of the OCC shop, Paul Teutul Sr. Take a look at this fierce bike!

Plus, follow this link if you want to see the famous Predator roaming on the highway on a mean and powerful custom chopper!