SALT BOARDING In А Desert At Speeds Оf OVER 50MPH!

I got to make the following statement from the very beginning, that it has really been a long time since I have seen something so amazing and absolutely and stunningly smart and innovative way of having fun! It is video that will fulfill you with positive vibes and get you going for some time, and maybe even inspire you to go out and do something alike yourself. One of the things that one can ask himself is what can a snowboarder does when he is living in a place where there is no snow?! The solution is as simple as much as it is ingenious, and it is called salt boarding!

This new method of having ultimate fun on a board was invented by the guys who came up to the idea of heading to the Salt Flats in Utah, equipped with a couple of ATVs, quad-bikes and their boards. This could very well become the new extreme sport, called salt boarding, and it is done by jumping on the salt board and getting pulled by an ATV or a quad bike. The result is absolutely amazing. The guys on the boards are able to clock up speeds of over 50 mph, and it is obvious that they are having a time of their lives!

I will be perfectly honest with you and tell you that this video made me think that this could be even more fun than driving the Dodge Challenger Hellcat or some awesome buggy at highest possible speeds in the desert.

Just watch the video and share your impressions about it in the comment section below with all of us. And if you also want to see some awesome bike riding experiences in the desert, click here.