Many people would find ATVs boring and not exciting enough! Especially those keen to more extreme types of vehicles like motorbikes or mad drifting cars! When you think about it, you are really kind of limited when you own a quad. There are not much things or tricks that you can do! On the other hand, you have some amazing ATVs that can prove you wrong like the RIPSAW that can actually do everything you want! We have prepared a swamp test footage for you guys, starring great enthusiasts and adrenalin junkies that took ATVs to another level!

As they now have quads with NOS system implemented in them as well as Turbo Chargers, they are really ready to take things to another level! However, these guys like to take their ATVs at the swamps, and test their ability to overpass obstacles such as mud, sludge etc. Check it out and see how they handle stuff! Can they all pass them or do some of them get stuck?! Is anyone cheating by just going around the obstacles!? Everything is possible with these fun guys! Enjoy the swamp test video as much as they enjoy their rides!

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