A very interesting video is waiting for you below this text. Especially if you are a muddin` fan, but even if you are not, it is fun seeing this 1996 Silverado as it tries to pass a HUGE pond! From the very beginning you can see that these guys are professionals as they test the area first to check the deepness of the water! As the driver measured the water, which was a little above his waist, the show could begin! However, this might not be a very good idea!

From the start, you could feel that the driver is a little nervous as his front right tire sunk all the way! He then gave it a little gas and there was no turning back from that point on! As the crowd was encouraging him, he fought with his whole strength making water splashing all over the place! And he almost made it! We are sorry to say ALMOST, but the last few feet were unreachable for the Chevy! But do not worry, he did not find a watery grave. A fellow-driver towed him right out of the pond! Take a look!

At last, if you want to check one more unlucky truck that gets completely stuck in a deep mud hole @ River Run ATV Park, follow this link.