This EPIC Burnout Fail Is Going To Lighten UP Your Whole Day!

Sometimes we get fed up from videos where we can see the best drifting skills, awesome drag races, expensive custom vehicles and super fast cars. Not everything is perfect, so that is why today we decided to have some fun and make you laugh with one ridiculous fail moment that will surely make your day. Say hello to the most epic burnout fail that was ever seen on the Internet and you would surely not be able to stop watching it.

So the guy in the clip below tries to do a burnout with his bike using only one hand. He managed to do that and a big bravo for it, but you know, sometimes things do not finish perfectly and in this case that is the ugly truth. Unable to shut it down and ride the motorbike with two hands, this bloke ends up with his beauty on the pavement, right in front of the camera. Only 1 meter of riding is the sad end of this marvelous burnout story that started up with magnificent smoke that had guaranteed a real show.

“DAMN BILL!” was the first comment that was said by the camera man. So what is yours? However, this fail blog here is not bad at all!

Enjoy the video below!

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