Adrenaline Rush With The Carbon Pro Buggy! RIP Headphone Users!

It`s always nice to see when people take something to the next level! Right here we have an Australian Professional Buggy racer demonstrating what he can do in front of the cameras! If you are having an adrenaline rush that makes you want to take your ride and hit the pedals to the hilt but the city streets are simply not working for you, then try to compensate by watching this incredible Australian driver and his magnificent Carbon Pro Buggy!

This incredible buggy is going off road without any trouble. Its strong and powerful motor allows it to accelerate quickly! Along with its amazing shock absorbers that make the unpaved road feel like a cushion! While you watch this guy go, you will feel a great desire of doing the same. It looks like there is no greater joy than to sit in this Carbon Pro Buggy and just step on it! No traffic, no noise – just you and your ride!  The buggy from this video is a carbon pro – which makes it even more awesome! So, hesitate no more, click on the footage bellow and try to get at least a tiny little bit of that adrenaline rush!

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