You know how many times we have been impressed by the work of some engineers that make those tiny little running RC engines? Well, that admiration is not over! We are now in Perry, Georgia, where we met this wonderful man, his name – Ronald Valentine! We do not blame you if you have never heard of this man, but is about time! He is the creator of many SMALL engines which are so tiny that it makes it hard to believe that they actually work!

However, they are in perfect condition and they work without any trouble! Ronald said that he first started off with this to see how small a combustion engines can be, and it turned out, it could be as small as a QUARTER! Ronald has been doing this for 30 years so far, firstly starting in Germany, Stuttgart where he went to University! A particular engine caught our eyes, the NANO-B, which is THE SMALLEST DIESEL RUNNING ENGINE IN THE WORLD at the moment of speaking! So, guys, if you have any questions or you want to simply take a better look of this stuff, go to Ronald`s website –, but first, take a look at these RC engines!