Things are changing rapidly in the World! This World is definitely not the one we knew many years ago! Thus, V8 engines are not necessarily huge as we knew them! We finally have smaller one – the smallest actually! People who practice the hobby of building mini engines have taken their scaled creations to the very extreme! We have a perfect example of that in this video! And this mini engine is so detailed that only perspective differentiates it from the real thing! We assure you this one is even smaller than the “smallest one` you knew until now! With a displacement of 44cc, a bore of 3/4 inches, a stroke of 3/4 inches and a 5 inches length – we present to you the world`s smallest running V8 engine!

The parts are not made by the mechanist in this video as he uses a standard OS carburetor and ME8 sparkplugs! To make it even more fascinating this guy only bought some standard parts like bolts and screws. Everything else was built by himself! This mechanic is phenomenal!

If you are thinking that this is cool but not useful, you have never been more wrong! This might really be a revolutionary invention that can change the World as we know it! Since the V8 is not so big anymore, we can implement it in smaller things and make them more powerful! Have you ever thought of a V8 powered chainsaw? How about a vacuum cleaner with a V8 engine inside it?! Imagine putting this little beast inside an RC car?! That thing would go like crazy! All this could be reality now, as we have the World`s smallest running V8 engine! What if they made even smaller ones? A V8 powered electric razor?!

This guy claims that this engine is the smallest running V8 engine! Some may doubt that. Nevertheless, even if it`s the second or third smallest, we are placing our bets that it packs a bit more power!

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