FUTURE IS NOW! This Robot Called Smart Bird by Festo FLIES Like A Real One! MUST SEE TO BELIEVE!

The “Smart Bird” is a Robot Flying Bird made by Festo.┬áIt seems so real, exactly like a natural bird! Festo is a German automation and industrial company which is based in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany. It`s a very notable company when it comes to producing and selling pneumatic technology.

And we also got to note that this German company is also a world market leader in consultancy and industrial education. They got all kinds of subsidiaries and distribution centers in 61 countries worldwide. So whenever this company is releasing a new invention, heads are being turned. This new invention of theirs called The Smart Bird is definitely no exception!

The invention is inspired by the herring gull and the flight characteristics this bird possess. Festo`s Smart Bird is very unique because of its ability to take off, fly and land. We wonder though, can this Smart Bird also perch like a real herring gull?

The wings this Bird has are very specific and very similar to its biological counterparts. This means that, the wings do not only flap up and down, but they are capable of twisting at specific angles. This ability of the Smart Bird to twist its wings at a specific angle provides lift.

But this is not all about the glorious Bird robot. This beautiful robotic bird can also change direction by being able to turn its head and torso! This movement of the head and torso is being synchronized by two actuating motors. Lifts can be provided also by the bird’s tail which very much works like an airliner.

The Smart Bird is not the only robotic creation manufactured and designed by Festo. They got numerous other animal robotic designs that feel very authentic. But, the Smart Bird definitely ranks maybe on the very top when it comes to their inventions.


The “Smart Bird” is one of them and it is the most gorgeous one! Must see this amazing flying robot!

So, finally, as we mentioned, this outstanding smart bird robot is not the only animal creation by Festo, check out this link for more creations by Festo!

Enjoy the video below!

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