I do not know about you, but I have always found it to be very interesting, watching how people used to do things back in the day, when it comes to many aspects of vehicles. Especially because mostly, (probably because of our nature, of processing time linearly, forward) we are seeing and interested to know how something is going to look or function in the future. So a good gear switch to the past, is always an appealing thing for me! For instance, this hand crank engine start up video!

Thus, today we have prepared you an interesting video clip which does not deal with vintage cars, but with an antique army tank, the so called Tiger Tank 131! It was a German tank from the period of World War II, and it was one of the most powerful machines in the German artillery.

The following clip is a demonstration of how they used to start it up manually, with a hand crank, by putting a little bit of a muscle power in it. In the moments when it reaches 60rpm, there is a level that is pulled from under the hand cranking arm, which is pushing the drive pinion onto the fly wheel, and your tank is ready to go!

Take a look at the following footage and you will see how this group of experienced tank mechanics is doing the whole process! And in a case you want to see other videos with ancient tanks, go to this link.