We are not exactly sure whether this footage is from Russia or Ukraine (it was hard to get the exact info about it), but despite the fact that the difference is not that big, and taking into an account the current situation in Ukraine, where there is not a lack of military vehicles, we are guessing that it is from Ukraine. And as you could have read in the title, what you are about to see is one massive and huge Era tank, doing a little drifting performance in the snow.

As most of you know well, the situation over there is not very positive. Actually, it is pretty bad, from all that military action that is happening. So watching a video like this, in which the soldiers are using the peace moments to have a little drifting fun in the snow, actually represents a very positive video clip.

Because, if you ask me, I`d rather watch an Era tank doing some crazy things like this, than to serve their true purpose. Especially when I`m sure that finding a car like the Nissan 350Z, or some Detroit muscle, or other fast sports cars, for drifting in those conditions, is probably something that is out of the question. So what would be the second-best choice, if not an army tank, right?

Just check out the video and see how the soldiers are having fun, doing some hardcore snow-drifting with that monster of a machine! On the other hand, if you are interested to find out which are the best Japanese drift cars, click here.