2010 Cummins Dodge Ram With 2500 Mega Cab!

It is winter and we all think it is childish to play in the snow at this age. Well, we are grown men! But have you ever tried playing in the snow like a big boy? Or should we say – like a Cummins?! We suppose not, but our guy from the footage is willing to show you how to have fun! Having his kit lifted and his tires pumped, he is ready to hit the snow. We have a 2010 Cummins Dodge Ram with 2500 Mega Cab!

The AIR Suspension lift allows it to go wild after a light blizzard was over. Snowy days like this can be great for truck owners to go out there, pick a field and start the fun. Begin with a couple of burnouts and end with some donuts. We must say we are disappointed we didn`t see any drifts, but who are we to judge? You can make your snow adventure even more interesting by bringing a friend. If your friend doesn`t own a lifted truck, he can simply ride next to you – it is definitely more fun than being alone! Click on the footage guys, and have a great day on the snow with this 2010 Cummins Dodge!

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