OK folks, this is not something you see every day. We all enjoy watching a good “donuts” show, all the noise, the smooth moves, strong tires, the excitement, the cheering… And now we have the very best combination – American Force tires and Cummins machine! They go together like music and sound, like rain and thunder. This guy doesn`t mind if he gets bald tires, but we don`t need to tell you that, you know you would risk them for a burnout show. And we are talking big numbers here. We are talking 22X14 American Forces along with a lifted 4th Gen Cummins – not really a joke!

Click on the link bellow, and check out this Lifted Gen Cummins roasting American Force tires and doing several donuts in less than a minute while his friends cheer and support shouting: “I think you can do it!” Passion is passion, and this guy knows how to show it, and he most certainly knows how to have fun. So take a peek, peer a bit threw the smoke, and see what these guys are up to! See whether the roasted tires were worth of it.

Anyway, check out this Dodge doing donuts!