BMW M6 Drift & Donuts For a TURKISH Set on Fire DELIGHT!

I do not know how many of you remember, but we have already had an article about the `Turkish Ken Block`, Harun Taştan some time ago, in which you have had a chance to watch this really cool Turkish guy, doing some crazy drifts on the streets of Istanbul, in Turkey. But if you have missed it, or have not heard about him at all, this is a good time to get to know him. I`m not saying that you will not be able to sleep at night if you do not, but I think that it is always a good thing to find out about the people from the other side of the world, who are sharing the same passion for great cars and cool driving and drifting. This time he is doing a sick BMW M6 drift!

The above mentioned previous time, we have shown you a video of Harun, drifting with his BMW M5, and today we will show you another one, in which this time he is using a BMW M6, to show us how do they make donuts in Turkey. It is obvious that BMW models are his favorite choice of weapon, and I got to say it, the guy is pretty good, only, he should find a better camera next time he decides to make a donut video.

Check out the BMW M6 drift and tell me what you think about him.