INSANE: Compilation of The Best Street Drifting in Poland!

The Best Street Drifting video in which you will see over a 40 different cars drifting and having good fun in Warsaw sideways and roads within the city itself. A BMWs, Alfa Romeos, Hondas, Mercedes and even some small cars, along with different kinds of motorcycles are burning tires, doing drifts on the streets, parking lots, snowy country roads, all kind of places they find fit to do their thing.

Truly great and fun video, showing to all the skeptics out there that people can have good time with their vehicles, going a bit crazy, and yet not harm anyone. It is being done all the time, at every part of the world. Obviously this Best Street Drift was edited after a longer period of collecting this great shots and that makes it even better to watch.

I would just add that amongst the many great cars here, with exception of one Ford Mustang and few Japanese cars, all of the other vehicles were European.

If you are interested in street drift sports, you can find a map of variety street drift places. Click on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

Enjoy the video below!