1JZ Powered Mercedes 190 E Doing Donuts & Spiting Fire!

How about an old school Mercedes doing donuts in the middle of the street on a day light? Why not, right? And there you have it, right here. A crazy 1JZ powered Mercedes 190 E doing amazing donuts with demonic sounds and brutal Antilag system.

Now pay attention to this -- there is this guy in the car, as we said in the middle of the street while other vehicles are passing by and he starts revving his engine out of nowhere! After the desired RPM is reached he starts drifting in circles, better known as making donuts (really!?) in front of the shops and present people. After three turns, he just drives away like nothing happened leaving the people surrounded in question marks!

P.S. RIP for the Headphone Users!

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Enjoy the video below!

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