Hello my fellow Need for Speed aficionados. Today we have prepared a video clip for all those amongst you, who simply cannot help themselves feeling the ultimate rush when they are inside some fast as hell ride, no matter whether they are behind the wheel, or on the passenger`s seat. If you have not had the experience of driving or taking a full throttle ride in the fabulous Nissan 350Z, then the following two minutes will be an experience that will bring you as close as possible to the real thing.

Unfortunately, other than being a Nissan 350Z, we do not have other information about this awesome ride, simply because the owner of the video did not provide any. So we cannot tell you whether it is a stock variant of the 350Z, or a tuned model. But regardless of that, I really believe that most of you will profoundly enjoy this fast as hell ride, that will show you just how fast and powerful this great Japanese rocket-sled is.

Packing the well known V6 motor that is boosting 287 HP and 274 pound feet of torque, in its stock form, this babe roars like a wild animal on the asphalt. And even though we really do not stand behind such a dangerous ride, in a place where there is so much traffic, we also cannot deny the ultimate rush that an experience like that one can give to a man.

So, if any of that sounds intriguing enough to you, watch the video below and enjoy it. And if you want to find out something about the Nissan 350Z, click here.