Home Made RAT ROD TANK Hit The Road!

A very interesting video comes from Canada. As always, we love watching innovative `brainiacs`, making something out of nothing. This guy from the footage has his own home made tank which he is about to take on the streets! It really looks great and does not seem to have any troubles with the engine or anything else. Moreover, the old and rusty body really gives it the “war look”! Our friend Shawn has spent so much time constructing this Rat Rod Tank but it finally paid off.

He now enjoys every day driving his tank, playing in the swamps of Canada. You are never too old to enjoy crashing stuff, bumping things or drag them. You can even tow abandoned vehicles just for the heck of it! With a little more work, maybe one day he will be able to go over stuff such as trucks, piles of wood etc.

For now, just a simple tire is enough – which can be seen from the video. Well, take a look at Canada`s new military equipment, click on the video bellow and enjoy the next 7 minutes with Shawn and his Hot Rod!

Want to see more of this Rat Rod Tank? If the answer is yes, then follow this link.