Gaz Russian Jeep B Kowo – This Ride Can Go Everywhere!

It seems like madness in Russia does not have a nap time, but it is always as active as a volcano. Just as we got used on watching all kinds of crazy stuff that Russians seems never to become tired of doing it, so is our appetite and taste for their `refined ways` of making a point (whatever that might be). Thus, we have another clip from `Russia with love` category that we are going to present to you today, even though it does not contain one of those legendary moments that you can not forget even if you are trying to, when the general sanity of Russians is being put to the ultimate test. This time we have one modest Russian driver and his girlfriend, in his Russian version of Jeep Wrangler convertible, making a short turn off the road, trying to prove the worth of their vehicle on an off-road terrain. And I have got to tell you right away that this little machine called Gaz Russian jeep 69 B-Kowo seems to be quite handy and skillful. Fast, small, lightweight and powerful enough to overcome different obstacles. For obvious reasons, we can not give you the specs about it, but I think that after you watch its performance on this ruff ride, you will agree that it does not really matter. The guy is just good. And let’s not even start bragging the Gaz Russian Jeep!

Enjoy the video below!

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