We are very well informed that the Hummer is one of the toughest and most powerful SUV Trucks in the WORLD! However, we are a little afraid that the Hummer can be hammered by this Russian Jeep, called CHACHO!!! You probably would not believe us if we told you that it was hand made by a Georgian (Former USSR Country) pensioner! This Off-Road MONSTER was created by Shalva Kandishvili, for a very practical reason: to transport cargo through the mountains, near his home town, where there are no roads!

The chassis is taken from the GAZ-33 Russian Military Truck, whereas the cabin used to be part of the ZIL 131! Underneath the hood, however, is a Japanese Diesel Engine producing 160 HORSEPOWER! The wheels are taken out of a tractor made by the Israeli firm – ATC! All in all, this Russian Jeep weights 5 TONS! Every other details, such as the bumpers, steps, exhausts made by the American model were made by Kandishvili himself! Moreover, he designed the tank with a 300L capacity as well! It took him 2 years to build this truck, and he named it by his grandfather! If you wonder how much it cost him, just wait until you hear this – only $6.500!!!

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