The SAMSUNG Safety Truck Dramatically Reduces Road Accidents!

Although we all love to drive, we always have to think of our safety. Because right now, while you are reading this, maybe something terrible happens on the road somewhere. For example, in Argentina many people don`t get to see the light of another day due to a car accident. Almost one person loses the life on the road ever hour. This is frightening. The fatalities mostly occur when drivers are trying to overtake big trucks which limit the road visibility. Some people cannot cope with the limited visibility and the outcome is fatal. This is why Samsung introduced a brilliant idea, the Samsung safety truck and the company hopes that it will save lives in the future.

They mounted wireless cameras in the front bumpers of their Samsung safety truck as well as 4 large screens on the back of the trailer. The cameras record the road in front of them and transfer the pictures on the screens so the drivers behind the truck can see whether it is safe to overtake. It works both on day light as well as at night. In our view, this is a revolutionary idea and should be implemented as much as possible!

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